Take the Pulse

In the first workshop we begin by evaluating 6 key domains of the work environment, scientifically validated for the prevention of burnout.

You will have a real-time map of the results highlighting any opportunities for progression.

In the second workshop we create a base of psychological safety by introducing rules of engagement that promote interactions that are supportive, respectful and favour collaboration and co-creation.

Group Interactions

Learning Individual Skills 

In the next 4 workshops we focus on our individual responsibility for managing emotional states:

  • building self-awareness,
  • being aware of our impact on others,
  • building resources to keep ourselves in good shape emotionally, mentally and physically
  • aligning our personal values to our job

Neuroscience teaches us that in order to build good habits we need to practice regularly. After experiential learning we keep the momentum going with peer group support and supervision.

Fuel the Pulse