emotional agility

– Impulser l’agilité émotionnelle –

to get unstuck, embrace change and thrive at work
We teach organisations to deal effectively with emotions
Our experiential programme to learn validated methods
Our app to sustain improvements focused on the person
                                                                     and the organisation 
using mindfulness, neuroscience & emotional intelligence

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« Mindfulness enables leaders to be fully present, aware of themselves and their impact on other people, and sensitive to their reactions to stressful situations.

Bill George, teacher at Harvard Business School


Pulse for collaboration and empathy


Pulse resilience and happiness


Pulse inner resources for complex problem solving


Pulse stress into motivation & creativity

Our Programme in Details

70% experiential and practical exercises
Access to inner resources
KPIs – Measurement of progress

Team & values

Olivier Schouteten

Olivier holds a Masters Degree in Engineering.

More about Olivier
Imraan Ismail

Imraan Ismail

Imraan holds a Masters degree in Biotechnology.

More about Imraan

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